kyle. 14. president and avid member of the jennifer blake fanclub and forever mourning the death of allison argent.


"And in the end, what was your reward? You never said it, but I think I know: a family."


"I love American Horror Story!"


"Kyle and Zoe’s relationship was so beautiful, by far the best part of this season!"


make me choose » anonymous asked: erica reyes or malia tate


Painting of Kesha in a New York art museum.


Make me choose between ___________ or __________.

whatdidjesusdowithabainenglish asked: stallison or scydia?


Someone just asked if they consider the way they kill off female characters and POC. The writers are now expecting credit for hiring then in the first place, and saying they’re “equal opportunity murderers,” and called fans unfair for being upset about it. I wonder what show they’re watching.

when people who don’t include jennifer in tw lady appreciation posts

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